How to get into acting?

Fame, glamorous life, and VIP status are what most people associate with the word “actor.” A career in the theater seems to be incredibly romantic for ordinary people when they watch from the sidelines. But those who dream of playing the leading roles themselves will have to work hard in reality. These daredevils choose a challenging but exciting life path.


Acting is a subtle art, the essence of which is hard to describe in a few words. But almost anyone can distinguish good acting from bad one in a matter of minutes. If you are seriously thinking of mastering this profession, you need to learn as much as possible. And it’s not just about an acting degree.

Being an actor, you should:

  • be ready for a life-long interview as you will go through castings and auditions for every single job;
  • perfectly understand the psychology of people, and yourself; have excellent communication skills;
  • have a perfect memory to learn huge chunks of text and countless cues quickly;
  • be adept in voice controlling;
  • train your physical endurance because shooting takes long hours of work in different conditions;
  • have patience and perseverance. There will always be an endless line of competitors seeking the same roles as you.

theatre actors

The list of difficulties you will face is much longer. Such a profession is not just a job but a way of life. So, if you want to do it, you should turn your flaws into strengths over time.

Three main steps to becoming an actor

1. Start learning as early as possible

If you’re in high school now, be sure to jump into the theater and have your first stage experience. You will learn how to feel organic in front of a large audience, develop your memory and get your first acting skills. As for adults, they need to find good acting courses. It sounds trite, but education is necessary. Even the most talented and lucky people getting on the set need an acting technique to succeed. Do not indulge yourself with false hopes that your passion will break through all obstacles.

theatre professional experience

2. Get a formal education

A drama degree will help you dive into a profession deep enough to be ready to compete. Also, you will develop relationships with a massive amount of people who are the future of this industry. You will participate in creative collaborations while studying. Agents and producers come to prom shows and can notice you there.

3. Get professional experience and additional skills

Use every opportunity to be on the set and watch the process. Getting into the crowd shot is possible even with no experience. Go to auditions often, to make it a usual thing but not stress very soon. Use every opportunity to get work experience and gain additional skills (singing, dancing, fighting, and so on). After a while, you will be able to put together an acting resume and hire an agent.

There are many types of drama schools where you can learn the necessary skills, but the main thing is patience. No matter how long you have to fight for your dream, remember that success depends on commitment and insistence.

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